(Français) Pluraliser les régimes de signe pour rendre compte de l’usage

Vincent Beaubois - Camille Chamois

Université Paris Ouest Nanterre,
Université Paris Ouest Nanterre,

KEYWORDS : Use, relation, differential structure, cognition, semiotic pluralism.

The use of an object or a technical device refers to the meaning this object implies to the user. This article thus develops a semiotic analysis in order to elucidate the notion of meaning we implicitly refer to. We first compare the structuralist and cognitivist models to emphasize their own limits and complementarities. Then we present and discuss a third model, defined by the French psychotherapist and philosopher Felix Guattari. This theory, called “semiotic pluralism”, argues that use can never be limited to one specific semiotic dimension – symbolic, practical, affective, etc. – but depends on the way these different dimensions are articulated to one another.

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(Français) Pluraliser les régimes de signe pour rendre compte de l’usage
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