Under the direction of Bernard Darras and Dannyelle Valente

More than a billion people live with a disability, i.e. one person out of 7, according to the figures presented in 2012 by the World Health Organization. What schemes are being designed today to facilitate communication for people with disabilities? What new practices and design methods are being used to promote the access of the disabled to education, culture, transport and health services? In this book, some thirty researchers specializing in information and communication science, design, cognitive psychology, semiotics and sociology of disability present their work on the new forms of communication and inclusive practices in relation to all types of disability. This bilingual publication, is intended for all communication specialists and disability professionals as well as people with disabilities and their families.

December 2013 • ISBN : 978-2-343-01754-9 • 232 pages • Prix éditeur : 24,00 €


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