Under the direction of Guillaume Soulez and Kira Kitsopanidou

What exactly are the relationships between the audiovisual forms and the media ? In this issue, academics and professionals analyze the importance of «big forms» (conventions, genres, TV-formats or web-formats), which are central for contemporary media. Two aspects are particularly studied: the increasing structuring of cinema and television by «formats» and the relationship between media - or «intermediality» - related to the development of online cinema and online television, where Internet is seen as a new space for constraints and innovation. Cause of a formal modeling, the media can also be seen as what activates certain audiovisual forms : the «leaven» of the media. This multi-disciplinary issue will be highly useful for those who are interested in current developments in film, television and related forms (video games, videoclip, etc.), as well as new audiovisual forms such as interactive documentary.

December 2015 • ISBN : 978-2-343-07644-7 • 272 pages • Prix éditeur : 28,00 €


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