Saut immersif et interactif dans l’exposition et notre interprétation


SenseLab, Université Concordia

KEYWORDS : experience, exhibition, immersion, interactive installation, interpretation

ABSTRACT : This article theorizes on the paradigm shift resulting from the immersive and interactive trend when designing an exhibition, as well as providing my own interpretation. Not only does the implementation require the negotiation of an interactive device and sometimes the transformation of the space, it also challenges traditional exhibition processes. The suggestion of a first definition of the interactive installation based on the genre, after its testing, is echoed by a second “experiential” definition. With this empirical approach, the interpretation then shifts from a traditional and even hermeneutical paradigm to a pragmatic interpretation, at first immediate (executory and corporeal), dynamic (affective, energetic, intellectual), then final, i.e. “marking a resolution, a stage of satisfaction, a kind of plateau, a pause, a resting of the mind” (Fisette 1990: p 56). As we shall see, this broadening of the interpretative process, from the somatic to the semiotic, echoes the qualities of the interpreter as defined by Peirce.

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Saut immersif et interactif dans l’exposition et notre interprétation
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