Au nom de la solidarité. Les nouveaux discours publics contre le VIH

Michael RINN

Professeur en Sciences du langage
Université de Bretagne occidentale,

KEYWORDS : ethics, hiv/aides, critical discourse analysis, discrimination, solidarity

ABSTRACT : This paper analyzes HIV/aids prevention campaigns since their launch in the early 1980s until the present day. We will try to understand the hybrid nature of this discourse: It is both functional, in its maximization of efficiency (helping people to avoid situations of risk which could lead to HIV contamination)—and normalizing, in its promotion of new rules (being responsible for oneself). We seek to show how those campaigns explicitly advocate modes of safer behavior that allow citizens to be on the right side of society (physically and morally). But implicitly, they end up adopting an ethical position which states that to refuse these new rules is to place oneself on the wrong side of social life. We will therefore show that, paradoxically, HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns have contributed since the 2000s to increasing discrimination against people living with HIV.

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Au nom de la solidarité. Les nouveaux discours publics contre le VIH
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