Émotions argumentatives et criminalisation du SIDA

Fabienne H. BAIDER

Associate Professor in French studies
University of Cyprus, Nicosia

KEYWORDS : mediation, exhibition, publication, qr code, mobile phone

This work presents the discursive analysis of the demonization campaign in Greece (2012) that affected AIDS women, constructed as exterminating “contaminants” in press articles and political speeches. The confrontation of victim testimonies of this campaign and the institutional discourses shows the importance of two conceptual metaphors in this demonization: the metaphors of invasion and pollution. The study concludes with an examination of political instrumentalization in the framework of European ultra-nationalism. Indeed AIDS has become the concern of those who want to focus their political agenda on questions of group psychology or manipulate the concepts of pride or national security.

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Émotions argumentatives et criminalisation du SIDA
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