«Laissez-nous penser» : changer les représentations grâce au média radio


MCF en Sociologie des organisations,
Université Catholique de Lille,
Unité de recherche HaDePaS — LASCO[at]univ-catholille.fr
Docteur en psychologie et directeur de l’unité de recherche
pluridisciplinaire HADéPaS, Université Catholique de Lille

KEYWORDS : mediation, exhibition, publication, qr code, mobile phone

ABSTRACT : «Let us think» is a radio program that is in line with other radio initiatives carried out by people with a mental health condition. However unlike these «mad radios», our project is a participatory action research supported by the Hauts-de-France (Researcher Citizen program) and the Fondation de France. We associate people with disabilities in the assessment of the project. Their views, as legitimate as that of researchers and professionals, recall the importance of considering experiential knowledge in public health communication, particularly in the case of disability where the importance of environmental attitudes to define disability situations is essential in models relating to understanding and action. After discussing the reflexive context of the project, we give an overview of its different phases and results, concluding with the way in which these have impacted on the representations of the various actors involved.

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«Laissez-nous penser» : changer les représentations grâce au média radio
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