Corte : a village of shepherds that becomes a university town.


Professeur en SIC Université de Corse-Pasquale Paoli UMR CNRS LISA 6240 albertini_f[at]

KEYWORDS : identity, insularity, anthropology of communication, social architecture, societal transformation

ABSTRACT : In the center of Corsica there is Corté, a summary of time on space. A village of shepherds and the media of the 1980s liked to describe this town that will gradually turn into a university town. Throughout this architecture we find all the history of the island, from antiquity to the present day. In the eighteenth century, Corté was the capital of an independent Corsican who also had his university. This moment in history has a strong symbolic value that conditions its current development. Throughout the centuries we can read the life of men, the superposition of powers (religion-army-education) which has structured over the years its particular layout. The end of the twentieth century was a turning point of importance for both the city and the island. With decentralization, public policies have changed. Today Corté is a syncretic city, a porous city in the heart of an island-mountain. When the anthropologist of communication makes a “ground” in this place, he walks into the city through the centuries and piercing the secrets.

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Corte : a village of shepherds that becomes a university town.
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