(Français) La « titraillologie [1] », lire et parler la presse à Douala


Docteur en Sciences de l’information et de la Communication, Université de Douala-Cameroun bitondadrien[at]yahoo.fr

KEYWORDS : town, newspapers, newspaper stalls, caption, public sphere

ABSTRACT : Crossing the streets of Douala, the economic capital, we are marked by the striking spectacle of crowds coagulated in front of the newsstands. Newspaper sales have been dropping since the 1990s. Failing to buy them, people are henceforth content to read some of the various publications. Now, browsing the headlines of newspapers is enough to get an idea of the actuality. From this rough exploration instantaneously debates emerge on the subjects that are relayed in the media, thus transforming the space of newspapers trade into public space of debate in town. The readers of the headlines, also called “titraillologists”, on the basis of their activity, reinvent the place of the newspaper business and transform it into a standing parliament.

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(Français) La « titraillologie [1] », lire et parler la presse à Douala
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