Abstract Smartphones, social media and performative gestures


CELSA - Sorbonne Université

KEYWORDS : device, gesture, smartphone, performativity

This paper analyzes the way gestures on a smartphone are guided by the editorial enunciation – which is defined as a number of signs of the users device – of social media. It develops a reflection about the ideology that determines the use of social media, and mostly the one that consists on transforming their users into hyperconnected human beings. Through a semiopragmatics analysis we aim to point out the way this intelligent device includes in its function gestures and technologies of previous ones. The analyze shows the way a smartphone’s screen organizes a certain design that obliges its users to expect for the next step in a daily schedule. The paper explores the way the sign show proposed by social medias (smileys, etc.) creates a special reflection of performativity encouraging users to do things: to comment, to retweet etc.). It seems that these multiple enunciations, generated by the semio-technical devices, are conceived and gathered, regardless to their apparent variety, for a common purpose: the evaluation.

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Abstract Smartphones, social media and performative gestures
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