(Français) Les ronds-points au carrefour de l’incommunication

Isabelle Mathieu

Université Bourgogne Franche-Comté – CIMEOS

KEYWORDS : political communication, anthropology of communication, democracy, failure of communication, gilets jaunes (yellow vests)

This paper explores how the anthropology of communication, as formalized by Yves Winkin further to his work on the “invisible college” of Palo Alto, enhances research in informa- tion and communication sciences into the political field. The anthropological approach based on the “new communication” model seems essential to understanding the failure in communication besetting the fundamental relation between those who govern and those who are governed especially in France. The Gilets jaunes (yellow vests) crisis illustrates and drives this proposal by widening the scope of analysis defined by the specialists of political communication to encompass all the actors, institutions, and processes involved in the political field.

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(Français) Les ronds-points au carrefour de l’incommunication
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