Relationships with knowledge, an embodied perspective

Philippe HERT

Université d’Aix-Marseille
Centre Norbert Elias

KEYWORDS : situated Knowledge, fieldwork investigation, somatic, sensory sharing, ecology of the mind, reflexivity, interactions, active listening

Knowledge considered from a situated and incarnated perspective, is an emergent effect of the researcher’s relations with his fieldwork, and is not an objective content detached from any context, in the perspective of the Great Divide. Situated knowledge implies a sensitive attention to what you share and how, and a recognition of other people’s own perspective. Listening to reflexively shared situations avoids to subsume their richness in an overarching conceptualisation. Two examples of practices illustrate the importance of giving attention to relationships in research practices and knowledge construction. These involves the body and also speaking performances, on a radio, about shared perspective on doing sciences.

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Relationships with knowledge, an embodied perspective
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