(Français) De la médiation identitaire : l’intime discursif chez Assia Djebar

Daniela Chipirliu

Université « Dunărea de Jos », Galați, Roumanie

KEYWORDS : mediation, inner discourse, Assia Djebar, identity, woman

An advocate for women’s rights, Assia Djebar turns her education into a weapon against the silence, the erasure, the loss of feminine voices. The writer associates the powerful language of the colonizer with her father’s masculinity, while her childhood’s language, the Berber, stands for her mother’s side. The historian, the writer, the woman Assia Djebar stands in between two worlds and translates the Algerian womanhood through the masculine language of the invader. With this tool brought by the colonizer, she manages to tell the stories, the sorrow behind the veils. Under her pen, the French writing becomes loaded with a very heavy spiritual sense. Thus, she lifts the heavy veil of so many centuries and she gives a voice to the Muslim woman. 

Our study provides an approach of the mediation of the inner discourse in Assia Djebar’s work, the identification and interpretation of the cultural private sphere of Muslim women seen as a novel character, marked by the author’s real life experience. In order to offer a better illustration of the subject, we choose the novel Ombre sultane, where we analyze the mediator elements of the inner discourse: language symbols and those of space and culture. 

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(Français) De la médiation identitaire : l’intime discursif chez Assia Djebar
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