Poetics of crypto-text

Alexandra Saemmer

Université Paris 8, Laboratoire CEMTI

KEYWORDS : digital literature, device, poetic, crypto-texts, screen writings

 In this article, I will start from the hypothesis that digital arts, including literature, have always been “device arts”. They are inseparable from the structures that techno-power places on them; but they are also innervated with the knowledge and potential that this power places at their disposal. A bundle of poetics emerged from the tensive encounter between literature and digital information and communication devices. The most recent version will be called “poetics of crypto-texts”. In the increasingly narrow room for maneuver left by digital social networks to human expression, a new poetics of communication is being experienced which is positioned in reaction to the tools of linguistic capitalism. My methodology for analyzing the poetics of digital text will be based on founding concepts of the semiotics of screen writing, a critical approach to “predictive” writing processes, and my own experiments as a literature author. digital since the 1990s. 

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Poetics of crypto-text
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